What is art? Art to me is in every shape, form, fashion. It is everywhere from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.  Art is art!!!!! Anyone can create art and i mean anyone.  Some people may not think so but if you can draw a circle, line, square, triangle, heart ect. then you can draw.  I put my husband to the test because he told me that he could not draw so we went out to a place called painting with a twist.  What was fun was that even though it was in an art atmosphere we got to bring our drinks or foods of any kind to the place.  When we walked in  there were art paintings all over the wall and the first thing my husband says is that “OMG” my painting is going to look horrible.  So as we got settled they handed us our canvases which had a simple starting shape on it that looked like a odd squash shape.  So then we began to paint. First it was one color then another then the background then the feathers and by this time we know what were painting a beautiful peacock.  Although they tell you in the beggining what your painting it was actually a surprise. Once my husband got to see the peacock he was painting coming to light he began to get really excited and happy, and so the words come out….I Can draw!!!! I was so happy for him because the whole point was to show him that with simple instructions and easy shapes they can come together and for a picture.  Art is fun and creative.