Blog Post 3

Discuss any problems or concerns you have with the CD burning projects.  If you did not have any problems, then identify the steps you have completed.  The project is due on May 11.

When burning my CD, I did not run into any problems burning my project to my CD.  The steps that I took to burn my CD were:

Insert my Blank CD, format the CD, then open the cd up in my computer.  I then found my folder that contained all of my pages in a folder on the desktop.  Then dragged and dropped it on the CD.  After all of my files were loaded on the CD I then burned them to the CD.  After the driver burned all the materials on my CD, my driver popped open and I reinserted the disc to make sure the disc had the materials written on it correctly.  After checking the disc and the materials were burned correctly,  I took the disc out so it will be ready to use for the near future.


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