Week 2 Blog

1.  What software can be used to burn a CD?

There are many softwares that can be used to burn a CD but in order to burn CD’s you must be able to have a drive that is capable of burning to the CD.  For example a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW are a couple that a capable to write to CD’s.  Although it may seem as if all drives will be able to write to CD’s but unfortunately that is not true.  The standard CD-ROM will not write to CD’s.  There are tons of softwares that are able to write to CD’s, here’s a short list, CDBurnerXPRO, DivX, Alcohol 120%, and several others.  But the two main widely used for PC and MAC are Windows Media Player-PC and APPLEITUNES-MAC.

2.  What are the steps required to burn a CD?

The required steps to burn a Cd are to open the drive stick the type of CD in the drive then decide on what type of CD you decide to burn whether it is audio, Music, Data etc.  After that is all figured out then find the files you want to burn to the CD and drag them to the CD then Burn them.  Once the Disc is finished burning the drive will pop open.  Be sure to make you check to make sure the data was burned on the Cd correctly.
3.  What additional steps are necessary to create an auto-run CD?

The additional steps that are needed to be created to auto-run a Cd will be to open up notepad, and then create and auto-run file then type in the file [autorun]
Then after that is typed in make sure to save the file as Autorun.inf

Finally this is where you do the regular steps to burn a CD but make sure you add the file Autorun.inf to the Cd.  So that when the disc is popped in the Autorun will run the CD.