Week 9

In week one we had to write about web 2.0 and what it is. Here is a recap “Web 2.0 may mean a lot of people come to the basics as a social media but Web 2.0 meant a combination of technology. Web 2.0 allowed the users to gather information and interact with information that was collected.” So in junction to that many buisnesses are using this to do alot of networking. One way on networking would be doing a podcast of some sort showing people or customers/clients things they may be addressing at the moment. One perfect example of this would be a church. Churches do podcasts to allow people who can not make it to church to listen to the sermon at home or where ever. Another example would be Youtube. Businesses use youtube alot to promote themselves by either being informative on a product of some sort or they can be instructional on how to build, fix, cook, or clean a product. Youtube is also used to promote music or even suscribe to someone you my like which means that every time they come out with a new video then you will be able to see that new video. Another web 2.0 that businesses use would be LinkedIn. Linkedin is a professional business site that allows people to connect within their jobs. It can help employers find you or even hire you.

The advantages to businesses is that you are able to connect with friends, family, coworkers, or even meet new people all over. It allows you to also learn new things from further reaches that you can’t do just alone without the internet. Web 2.0 allows buinesses to make it easier for us by being able to learn thing quick, for example Youtube. If i needed to know how to fix a video camera, then all i would do is type it into the search bar and wait for the results. I then would look through the results and find the best video that will allow me to fix the video camera that is broken. Now Linkedin is also a great web 2.0 because it allows you to connect with anybody professional. Which is an advantage because it can lead to new jobs or starting new businesses.

So with this said a company should hire me to promote their products and services because for one know the ins and outs of what web 2.0 gives you a better understand of how and when to promote products and services. Also because of the networking and being able to sit and blog about something that is fun, new, and innovative gives an overall excitment to myself and will gather the attention to the buyers. Selling products and services is not all what i would want to the buyers, but give them what they want, something BIG, something Intriguing and definietly something New and Innovative.


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