Week 7

Use of YouTube in promoting business, services and products.

The use of YouTube is so interesting when you are able to see all the things other people are doing on the Internet. YouTube has become so diverse today that you can literally do anything and “I MEAN ANYTHING”! Youtube has a wide range of videos today from music videos, tv commercial clips, movie trailers, blogs, and so many more. Many people use youtube today to publicize something they are doing or even pomoting businesses or really just having something to get out there. There are sweet and emotional videos to the most outright hilarious video. I, myself have used YouTube to mainly learn things which helps me to one better my skills, or even learn new things in seconds without even having to look it up. I would not say that its the best thing in the world but what i will say is that its the easiest site to upload, download, and view videos from thousands of different people and subjects. People promote business on YouTube by uploading videos of products they currently have or would like to sell. Within this they upload in categories for instance you have how to videos so to find how to videos in youtube all you have to do is look at all the how tos in the search box. Youtube is also on facebook and twitter which is great because you can be connected through several social medias. This is helpful only because you can always keep updated on information that is added or will be added on Youtube.

NY Times

Use of podcasting. Businesses that use podcasting effectively.

The use of podcasting is still available now but is definitely not around or used alot only because Youtube has taken the replace of podcasting. But still today there are still some people or companies that use podcasting. Apple Itunes, Slacker Radio, Public Announcement Services and even churches still use podcasting today. Podcasts are digital medias that allow you to have people subscribe and listen to music or certain information that is given. Churches use podcasts alot only to allow internet users see what the sermon may be that day if they can not make it to church that day. Churches also use podcasts to allow people know what is and will be going on in the church for days and months to come.

Apple Podcast
Potter’s House


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