Week 6

Research different types of ftp programs

Before we start on researching what ftp programs are I wanted to discuss a little about what FTP is. FTP means File Transfer Protocol, which is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host or to another host over the network. FTP usually encyrpts and secures information, Wikipedia. But are there really different types of ftp programs? The answer to that question is yes there are numerous of Ftp programs. One popular one that i have heard about is filezilla. Filezilla is very popular because it can be used on windows, macs, or in linux enviroments. Filezilla is a software that is downloaded or purchased and installed on your computer. You then can use this software to upload your website or information to the internet. In the blog Using FTP, it explains several other softwares that you can use but i mainly wanted to focus on the main one that i have heard about.
Another type of FTP is SFTP, which is secured file transfer protocol. Knowledgebase talks alot about SFTP which means to transfer your information on a secured internet. Alot of companies use SFTP because it helps keep peoples information safe and secured. Companies that may use this would be companies that require you to log on or even store important information in. Amazon, Banks, Online stores are some of the websites that use the SFTP, only because they have important information that the users would like to keep protected like, credit card information, or social security numbers. Even though there are several ftps they all seem to work somewhat the same.

Websites offering Dreamweaver templates

Dreamweaver is a software that allows you to create websites then either upload them on your web domain or just preview websites in the browsers. Dreamweaver also allows you to use CSS, Javascript, PHP, XML, and other scripts as well to help you design your webpages. Inside of the software are templates that you may use to design your website. Dreamweaver templates are so helpful because if you are not a designer or don’t know code then this can be your starting point. Dreamweaver templates allow you to pick from simple tables and let you add in your own designs or information into the templates. Templates are editable and to where you can completely change the who design to make it your design. The great thing about this is that so many websites are allowing you to use dreamweaver templates. Theses templates are simple to complicated based on what type of design you are looking for. They have tons of templates from buisness to personal that can be created to look so professional looking. Adobe.com also has dreamweaver templates that you can use to download and use in Dreamweaver. Wix.com is another site that allows you to use dreamweaver templates. After doing research on these, the main thing that jumped out to me was that really you don’t have to know how to code. Dreamweaver has made it so easy to just plug in things that you come out having websites look so professional than ever.

Dreamweaver Templates



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