Week 4

How people use Twitter to Market Businesses

Twitter can be used in many ways whereas you can market professionally of even personally. But I as a user have a twitter and haven’t really gotten my hands dirty only because I’m fairly new, you can call me “OLDFASHION”. I am learning new ways every day on how to market professionally. Let me tell you when I first heard of twitter I believed it to be over rated only because I felt as if you were only blogging about what was going on at that moment but unfortunately I was completely wrong. Twitter Marketing Agency explained quite a bit about how to use twitter personally and professional. What I really got out of the article was that on a professional level it is great to tweet daily or even hourly locations of where you might be. You can also use twitter to tweet daily about specials and promotions that might be going on at that moment. Another way to use Twitter on how to market your business would be hashtags. Hashtags are exactly like SEO’s. It’s a way for your users to find your or even get advice. How do you use hashtags or you may ask what is a hashtag. Well a hashtag is tweet that has a # before the keyword. For example if you’re a graphic design and you want people to find you, you will put #graphicdesign, Open Forum. My last article was very interesting to me only because there are tons of ways to market on twitter for business it really is completely up to you. There is no wrong or right way, Chris Brogan.

How people use Facebook to Market Businesses

People use Facebook to market their business exactly like Twitter except you have a little more control on how the look and feel of the site will be. Facebook allows you to have several pages as well as a personal page. You can start on facebook with a personal profile and after you have set that all up and fixed exactly the way you want, you then can add a page. This page can be strictly business oriented. The other way that you may be able to use facebook is to invite people to your page with specials, Likes, giveaways and etc. One easy way to promote your business is to post up pictures of what you are offering/selling. For example if your business had to deal with spas, one of the pictures could be of a person getting a massage and below the picture it could state if they had massages on sale or how much they are daily. Also by creating groups and adding people to groups you have the option to create an event and invite them to join. If they join they can opt in or opt out. By having this option you will be able to see how many people will attend, how many are undecided and if they just cant come for some reason. I think facebook is a great to advertise your business if used properly.

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    Good thoughts! Interesting details!

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