Week 3

Professional Blogging

Professional Blogging is a way to communicate to a community either by opinions, meeting deadlines, certain products, and or even debating. It can be very helpful especially using your blog to give information on products you may have created or a little background on your topic. As I looked up many different articles The Truth behind Professional Blogging, was very appealing to me. One thing that stood out to me that in my opinion I would have never guessed would be how Professional bloggers brainstorm. My thought of a blogger is a person who may sit behind a computer and go to their blog and let whatever is on their mind flow out. When brainstorming occurs it just shows me a lot more umph in how much a blogger really thinks hard about what is discussed in the forum. As in Planning for the year ahead, I also learned that when you have a site that you are blogging to and its site has posts that may need to be addressed because of the quality of design, cost, being lost or even difficult understanding is very important. It is important because as a professional blogger its best to get feedback on what people may feel about the website. Some Basic Blog Tips would be changing your style in your email, the quality of when you blog. When I’m blogging I try to look a how articles are being written and then changed by another’s overall outlook.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimizations are used to search by keywords or phrases. But really what are search engine optimizations??? As I researched online to figure out what a SEO was I came across my first Wikipedia. Search Engine Optimizations are used a lot now only because if a user is looking for a particular item or topic they can type in keywords in the search engine. If a certain company pays money for a search engine to advertise their name it would be easier for that user to find what they are looking for. I ran across another website that explained search engine optimizations very clear, Search Engine Land. So search optimizations first start with a website of some sort. The search engine then gathers all the keywords for that site and begins to do a math equation so that when users put certain keywords in the search box the websites that are closets to the keyword will pull up. The more people that begin to visit the website the more popularity it will have to becoming on the first page of the lists. Beyond Basic SEO, helps with doing SEO but instead of you doing your own SEO, there are professionals that you can pay to help you boost the way people search you how to find you more easily. It like taking a hard task that you cannot fulfill by yourself and letting someone step in to help you achieve a higher expectation.


One thought on “Week 3

  1. aifwschulz says:

    Search engine optimization really helps with marketing because it allows a website to be found by search engines. Keywords can be located in the head of the html document as However, just repeating keywords in the body of your page helps.

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