Week 2

What is a Personal Learning Environment?

What is a Personal Learning Environment, in my own opinion I’m making a jump on an assumption of what I think a PLE is. I’m assuming that it means that you are in a Website and you are using a tutorial or something from the website to help you learn about the website’s environment. So as I go on a search to see if my answer is in any way form or shape right or even wrong it will be interesting to find out what may change my perception about what a Personal Learning Environment is. As I looked through several articles on the web I seemed a bit lost until I found Arvixe Web Hosting. As soon as I started reading the article I immediately realize that a Personal Learning Environment is a tool that gives the owner/user designer control. In other words if I joined Twitter per say when I begin to build my profile I am able to have access to change things on my site especially to my liking. Also Online Learning Insights showed that because of the constant change in the years of technology, the developers of PLE are trying to make it even more easy for the users to navigate and build own websites. Honestly I like having a Personal Learning Environment because I like to have the freedom to upload videos, pictures and documents which Colla-borate.com explains this thoroughly.

What is RSS and how is it used?

RSS is Rich Site Summary it is basically a feed or a sense of content that changes or updates pretty frequently. What Is RSS goes right in hand to what RSS is. We use RSS every day when we visit websites. For example the news website it always being updated on a regular, in which I’m probably sure hours and minutes constantly changing. Webreference goes hand in hand with exactly what I’ll need for my own personal website. I would love to have a website with a lot of traffic, this would increase my personal business and as well profit. RSS feeds can help clients and or customers know what is added new to inventory or even what’s going on at that moment. Yahoo and MSN are two sites that use RSS feeds and it’s just very interesting to go to their websites and see what may have been posted in entertainment, Music, the News and etc. RSS has a lot of downloadable publishers that can read and help distribute your RSS feeds, RSS Reader. Some sites that use RSS feeds that we use every day or even see would be Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Worldly news and many more.


One thought on “Week 2

  1. aifwschulz says:

    In class we discussed a website called Netvibes.com where you can set up a personal learning environment. You can choose a topic such as “Design” and Netvibes will pull in RSS feeds from great online magazines about both graphic and web design. For class, you must either create a netvibes.com account or direct me to another website if you chose a different way to set up your Personal Learning Environment.

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