Week 1

What is Interactive Media?

In my opinion as to what is Interactive Media is to be a user for an online experience and possibly getting feedback from the computer. Well, comes to find out I was somewhat right in certain circumstances. I researched a few articles online that really explained in depth what interactive Media is. Interactive Media can be used in several ways as to Video Games, Websites, Television, Shopping Online and etc., which was found on Wikipedia. Although Wikipedia explained that the technology that is used now is basically by users, computers, and other resources. It just seemed unlikely to me that interactive media could only be user and computer-based. As turned out in my second article degreedirectory.org, Interactive is used a lot daily. Children even use interactive media when they are playing videos games and having to respond to the game for instance “Call of Duty”. This game requires a lot of interactive between the players either online or even against the computer. The child will have certain missions to complete to even begin to go to the next level. Teenagers use interactive media a lot as well especially when on their phones. For example using their phone as a navigation tool by entering a specific address, the phone reacts like a total human and responds by finding the fastest and closets route to help the teenager get to their destination as quick as possible. So as a conclusion to my opinion as to what is interactive media it is not only a user for an online experience and just getting feedback. But it is a dynamic way of being able to interact with technology all over the world as stated in ezinearticles.com.

What is Web 2.0?

What is Web 2.0, as a graphic designer I’m really not 100% sure what web 2.0 is. As I read that it comes across to me as a version of the web. For example, you may have different versions of Microsoft Word, or different versions of Adobe Cs or even different versions of web browsers like Internet Explorer. Well as I began to research on Google search engine I began to figure out that my whole guess on what is Web 2.0 was indeed completely off. As I looked on Wikipedia it became very clear to me that Web 2.0 was created to allow users to interact with others for example a type of social media. With all that said it made me understand that is really just a change in the way developers and end-users use the Web. As I continued to read on about Web 2.0 I begin to understand that it can have a lot of meanings. Whereas I may have a certain definition even though mine was not correct but in terms to what Web 2.0 may mean a lot of people come to the basics as a social media http://www.zdnet.com/blog/web2explorer/. Throughout my whole search on what Web 2.0 is I become a little confused on what it really was used for. As in the articles from Wiki and zdnet, I can conclude tons of different answers from several people but in the last article webdesign.about.com it becomes apparent that Web 2.0 meant a combination o technology. Web 2.0 allowed the users to gather information and interact with information that was collected.


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