Blog Post 4

Describe your dream home computer network and computer.  Be specific on the type of computer plus software and hardware requirements.

My dream computer would be a Mac only because i like that it is made for the Designers, Musicians, Photographers and etc….  If i could build my own computer from ground up i would make sure first i had an extensive hard drive.  For my hardware i would have a processor that would have 3.4Ghz Quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.9Ghz, then for the memory i would have 64 Gb 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM-8x8GB, and for storage i would have 768GB of FLASH Storage, then for the graphics i would have the NVIDIA GeFORCE GTX 680MX 2GB GGDR5.   For my software i would pre-install Pages, Microsoft Office, Adobe, and maybe a few other applications that are not so widely known.  But if i would build my dream computer this is what it would be.


Blog Post 3

Discuss any problems or concerns you have with the CD burning projects.  If you did not have any problems, then identify the steps you have completed.  The project is due on May 11.

When burning my CD, I did not run into any problems burning my project to my CD.  The steps that I took to burn my CD were:

Insert my Blank CD, format the CD, then open the cd up in my computer.  I then found my folder that contained all of my pages in a folder on the desktop.  Then dragged and dropped it on the CD.  After all of my files were loaded on the CD I then burned them to the CD.  After the driver burned all the materials on my CD, my driver popped open and I reinserted the disc to make sure the disc had the materials written on it correctly.  After checking the disc and the materials were burned correctly,  I took the disc out so it will be ready to use for the near future.

Blog Post 2

1.  What was the speed of your software to burn CD?

The speed of my software to burn a CD is 52X.

2.  What is the speed to burn a CD on the school mac computer?

The speed to burn a CD on the school mac computer is 24x.

3.  What is the speed to burn a CD on the school PC computer?

The speed to burn a CD on the school PC computer is 32X.


Really all of this changes depending on the data that is written on the disc, whether it is music, data, or video, or etc….

Week 2 Blog

1.  What software can be used to burn a CD?

There are many softwares that can be used to burn a CD but in order to burn CD’s you must be able to have a drive that is capable of burning to the CD.  For example a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW are a couple that a capable to write to CD’s.  Although it may seem as if all drives will be able to write to CD’s but unfortunately that is not true.  The standard CD-ROM will not write to CD’s.  There are tons of softwares that are able to write to CD’s, here’s a short list, CDBurnerXPRO, DivX, Alcohol 120%, and several others.  But the two main widely used for PC and MAC are Windows Media Player-PC and APPLEITUNES-MAC.

2.  What are the steps required to burn a CD?

The required steps to burn a Cd are to open the drive stick the type of CD in the drive then decide on what type of CD you decide to burn whether it is audio, Music, Data etc.  After that is all figured out then find the files you want to burn to the CD and drag them to the CD then Burn them.  Once the Disc is finished burning the drive will pop open.  Be sure to make you check to make sure the data was burned on the Cd correctly.
3.  What additional steps are necessary to create an auto-run CD?

The additional steps that are needed to be created to auto-run a Cd will be to open up notepad, and then create and auto-run file then type in the file [autorun]
Then after that is typed in make sure to save the file as Autorun.inf

Finally this is where you do the regular steps to burn a CD but make sure you add the file Autorun.inf to the Cd.  So that when the disc is popped in the Autorun will run the CD.


What is art? Art to me is in every shape, form, fashion. It is everywhere from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.  Art is art!!!!! Anyone can create art and i mean anyone.  Some people may not think so but if you can draw a circle, line, square, triangle, heart ect. then you can draw.  I put my husband to the test because he told me that he could not draw so we went out to a place called painting with a twist.  What was fun was that even though it was in an art atmosphere we got to bring our drinks or foods of any kind to the place.  When we walked in  there were art paintings all over the wall and the first thing my husband says is that “OMG” my painting is going to look horrible.  So as we got settled they handed us our canvases which had a simple starting shape on it that looked like a odd squash shape.  So then we began to paint. First it was one color then another then the background then the feathers and by this time we know what were painting a beautiful peacock.  Although they tell you in the beggining what your painting it was actually a surprise. Once my husband got to see the peacock he was painting coming to light he began to get really excited and happy, and so the words come out….I Can draw!!!! I was so happy for him because the whole point was to show him that with simple instructions and easy shapes they can come together and for a picture.  Art is fun and creative.

Week 9

In week one we had to write about web 2.0 and what it is. Here is a recap “Web 2.0 may mean a lot of people come to the basics as a social media but Web 2.0 meant a combination of technology. Web 2.0 allowed the users to gather information and interact with information that was collected.” So in junction to that many buisnesses are using this to do alot of networking. One way on networking would be doing a podcast of some sort showing people or customers/clients things they may be addressing at the moment. One perfect example of this would be a church. Churches do podcasts to allow people who can not make it to church to listen to the sermon at home or where ever. Another example would be Youtube. Businesses use youtube alot to promote themselves by either being informative on a product of some sort or they can be instructional on how to build, fix, cook, or clean a product. Youtube is also used to promote music or even suscribe to someone you my like which means that every time they come out with a new video then you will be able to see that new video. Another web 2.0 that businesses use would be LinkedIn. Linkedin is a professional business site that allows people to connect within their jobs. It can help employers find you or even hire you.

The advantages to businesses is that you are able to connect with friends, family, coworkers, or even meet new people all over. It allows you to also learn new things from further reaches that you can’t do just alone without the internet. Web 2.0 allows buinesses to make it easier for us by being able to learn thing quick, for example Youtube. If i needed to know how to fix a video camera, then all i would do is type it into the search bar and wait for the results. I then would look through the results and find the best video that will allow me to fix the video camera that is broken. Now Linkedin is also a great web 2.0 because it allows you to connect with anybody professional. Which is an advantage because it can lead to new jobs or starting new businesses.

So with this said a company should hire me to promote their products and services because for one know the ins and outs of what web 2.0 gives you a better understand of how and when to promote products and services. Also because of the networking and being able to sit and blog about something that is fun, new, and innovative gives an overall excitment to myself and will gather the attention to the buyers. Selling products and services is not all what i would want to the buyers, but give them what they want, something BIG, something Intriguing and definietly something New and Innovative.

Week 8

Mobile Web-How are businesses appealing to mobile phone users?

Mobile Web has came along way! When phones first came out there was no internet access but as time evolved internet started to become availble on phones. At that poing they were trying to make it as close as they could to the real internet. Although when they first came out there were gliches but now they run so smoothly like the actual internet that almost all companies are using mobile web as a web source. Companies are trying to make it easier for the users as well as keep up in technoloy. But the one thing they are using the mobile web for is to promote thier buisness on phones. They stuctured websites to be compatible with phones so for example you want to know what may be on sale at JCPenny’s. Two ways to do this, you can either download the JCPEnny’s app or you can go online through your phone and type in JCPenny and look at the sales online. The reason for apps is to make it easier to navigate and made just for mobile viewing so your not having to scroll fro left to right or up and down on your mobile. Businesses want to be able to reach almost anyone ad when mobile web came along the buisnesses wanted to also be on board. Apple uses barcodes to allow you to scan coupons or recieve deals to your email so that you can use them when you shop. Apple has gotten so advanced that they are getting to the point where you can take the phone to the checkout line and they can scan the barcode that is on your phone. Technology is everchanging everyday. CAN YOU KEEP UP WITH TECHNOLOGY?


Smartphones-Compare Phones and Features

Smartphones are great, they run just like an actual computer. They are trying to make app buying on smartphones easy and quick to install. Pretty much you can do anything with smartphones. You can take great photos from smartphones and the picture quality is awesome. I have a smartphone and although it runs like a computer it also has its gliches. Some of the gliches are that it freezes. Another problem is that it can drain your battery because their will be programs running in the background. There are differences in the types of smart phones, the differnce can vary on how the phone system is running, from the screen to baterry life it has. Its like comparing the Iphone to an android the operating system that it uses is totally different. The Iphone is using a computer like system that runs exactly like a computer, you are able to downoad apps but the apps are not all free. They do have apps that are free but there are alot you will have to buy. Android is also like a computer but not as complex you have a little more freedom to be able to download and get free apps. There are tons of free apps you can download and also you can download music very easily where as an Iphone you will have to download from itunes. But smartphones are the new and soon i think androids and iphones will become even more simplified to make life easier.

Google Glass